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Stanford Open Source Software Prize Winners

Congratulations to FlashAttention & Generalized Random Forests (GRF) for winning the inaugural Stanford Open Source Software Prize! Learn more about the projects here.

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Welcome to OpenSource@Stanford!

The hub for all things open source at Stanford, and beyond.

OpenSource@Stanford is the organizational hub that coordinates, facilitates, and supports open source activity at Stanford, primarily in the research enterprise. Through programs, workshops, guides and other informative materials – as well as an active registry of open source projects at the University – we aim to improve scientific inquiry by making software more transparent, reliable, and open.

Our community-driven approach ensures active engagement with researchers on best practices for developing, maintaining, and contributing to open source research projects. Part of our job is to listen to what is already working well, and help good ideas and good practices get escape velocity to reach different disciplines.

We also focus on lowering the barriers to creating, developing, and disseminating open source software. We know that prioritizing equity, diversity, and inclusion will bring about meaningful change to how research is conducted, produced, and spread.

Our Aims

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Catalyze a community of open source developers

We aim to catalyze a community of open source developers spanning the University, to enable the sharing of knowledge across a variety of disciplines and levels of experience.

Grow open source projects and presence

We aspire to grow the open source presence at Stanford by providing training and support for the development of new projects and encouraging meaningful contributions to existing projects.

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Enhance diversity and inclusiveness

We strive to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of the open source community, and promote the involvement of individuals from traditionally marginalized groups.

What We Do

Projects Registry

Stanford remains at the forefront of a vast number of fields through its active participation in open source research. OpenSource@Stanford provides a registry of campus-based open source projects. The registry is ever-growing and serves as an outward expression of the research community we aim to build.

Projects Registry


OpenSource@Stanford offers programs, workshops, talks, and other events to build a robust community of open source software development at Stanford and beyond. The flagship Maintainers & Contributors Roundtable functions as a community space for developers of all backgrounds and experiences who are interested in maintaining, contributing to, and learning from open source projects.



Whether it's figuring out what licenses to use, where open source fits in, or how to simply get started, OpenSource@Stanford can provide you with consultation on best open source practices and resources for your project. Reach out to our team about how we can help!

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OpenSource@Stanford aims to foster a diverse, innovative, and engaging community of researchers who promote open source best practices and uphold a culture of impact and inclusivity.

Want to get involved?

OpenSource@Stanford welcomes anyone who is looking to join the open source community at the University. 
To get in touch, please email expressing your interest.