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Upgrade to 5.x

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Following the upgrade instructions that come in the tarball I had no problems upgrading.

A few remarks:
Installing all the extra modules under sites/all/modules makes life a lot easier.

For webauth:
In addition to moving the module, of course, you need to copy the drupal/webauth and drupal/webauth_logs directory into your new install.

Don't forget to copy the .htaccess under drupal as well as drupal/files
In order to preserve Marcos's hack for clean URLs with virtual host proxy I needed to copy include/ to the new install.

John Bickar reports some issues on the drupal mailing list: "It appears that somehow vocabularies that were associated with a couple of custom node types (biblio, weblink) that were provided by contributed modules lost that association in the upgrade.

I just restored the vocabulary_node_types database table from my pre-5.3 database backup and it appears to have fixed it."