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UI issues after update to Lion

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Searching for a solution to two UI issues I was experiencing after the update to Lion yielded an interesting command line solution.

The problems were:

1. In Safari (5.1), the address bar had a gray background which made if difficult to read. Functionality was not affected.
2. Dropdown menu widgets which normally show an up/down arrow glyph inviting you to click to open a drop down had a second, slightly offset glyph. Again, functionality was not affected.

The solution was to undo UI changes made earlier to the OS (most likely in Leopard or SL) using the following command:
defaults write -g AppleUseCoreUI -bool YES

The poster of the solution had used an add-on/extension to Safari called Magnifique which seems to have cause some of these problems. I had never used such a tool but have done OS tweaks both through the command line and using apps such as TinkerTool, OnyX, and Secrets.

This command line directive solved both of my problems, perhaps this may be of interest to others. It also argues to the beauty of a clean install rather than an OS update and all the settings and tweak baggage that may come for the ride.