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Stanford Menus for Drupal 6.x



The Stanford Menus CSS Block sets the various header images for some common menu lists used on either the left or right hand columns in Drupal 6.x.

NOTE: this is now part of the basic package available from ITS


1) Unzip the zip file from the root of your Stanford theme directory (theme/stanford/); this will add one new CSS file to your CSS directory, as well as a new directory inside your images directory (icons).

  • theme/stanford/css/stanford_menus.css
  • theme/stanford/images/icons/

2) Edit the master style.css file found at theme/stanford/style.css to include the following near the top of the file:
@import url("css/stanford_menus.css");

(you should already see a number of similar @import declarations)


To invoke these styles you must label your navigation lists with one of these specific names:

  • computing
  • contact
  • document
  • download
  • email
  • faq
  • forms
  • medical
  • people
  • related-sites
  • see-also
  • video

NOTE: that these names are case sensitive.

Also included are some default menu blocks with graphics - these can be modified as or if you choose and are located at the end of the CSS file. They are:

  • login (a.k.a #block-user-0)
  • admin (a.k.a. #block-user-1)
  • admins (OG Group Admins)
  • who's new (a.k.a. #block-user-2)
  • secondary links (a.k.a. #block-menu-secondary-links)
  • primary search (a.k.a. #block-search-0)