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Sites using WordPress at Stanford

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If you run a WordPress site on campus, please add a link to it below.

In alphabetical order (and numbered only to make them easy to count):

  1. Academic Technology Specialists Program
  2. AnthroSpace
  3. Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics (AHA!) @ Stanford
  4. Cellar Door: Stanford English Department Undergraduate Blog
  5. Cigarette Citadels
  6. Cubberley Education Library blog
  7. Digital Humanities 2011 conference site
  8. Entrepreneurship Corner Blog
  9. Enhancing Diversity in Undergraduate Education
  10. Generation Anthropocene
  11. GIS Special Interest Group
  12. Kircher Project(s) at Stanford [not yet released, Aug. 2010]
  13. Monkey's Uncle
  14. Observations on politics, statistics, computing
  15. Stanford Center on Longevity
  16. Stanford Law School Blogs
  17. Stanford Lawyer Online Magazine
  18. Stanford Society of Women Engineers
  19. Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal