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Redmine in a Subdirectory

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Another day, another System Administrator problem

Professor is requesting Redmine to run from a sub directory rather than the root location on the Web Server.

If this was a typical issue, I would create a symbolic link under the Apache DocumentRoot that links to the location of Redmine. However, it doesn’t work with Redmine as it’s a web application that runs on Ruby on Rails.

Searching on the web lead me to which the User Shaun Mangelsdorf has the solution.

Here is his post.

I’ve had some luck with this config (Apache + passenger):

DocumentRoot /var/www/vhost/

PassengerAppRoot /path/to/redmine

RailsBaseURI /redmine
Alias /redmine /path/to/redmine/public

This solution allows the use of Apache's VirtualHost configurations rather than mongrel and fastcgi.

Let me know if anyone wants a Redmine on CentOS 5.3 HowTo.