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Moving and upgrading a drupal database and installation.

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We recently had to move a drupal installation from one group to another and decided that we would try to upgrade to a newer version at the same time, while redesigning our theme. We upgraded from Drupal version 5.1 to version 6.6. Here are the steps we followed... Note: that this was done on a new space and did not affect our production site. This is an experimental process, and by no means bulletproof, so don't try it on your production site.

1. Requested a new group with CGI service enabled:

2. Requested a new mySQL database for the new group account:

3. Command line installed Drupal version 5.1 on new group cgi space… following all steps here, but to not intall Drupal yet only copy over the files and made .htaccess file changes:

4. Logged into legacy MySQL database using myphpadmin and exported the Database as a file. Not including “information schema”.

5. Opened the database and changed database information at the top of the file. Changed USE command to be directed at new database and removed “Create Database” command. This exported file will create a new database in the new mySQL space.

6. Save and import database into the new mySQL space that was created. The edits made should stop any errors from occurring.

7. Use browser to go to drupal folder to enter database information and install drupal.

8. After install, there may be errors. Since your theme did not get copied over, you will have the default theme presented. We encountered errors because we had “Clean urls” turned on.

I followed these steps in myPHPadmin to turn off clean urls and get the links from the front page working:

A. In system.table, set status of path.module to 0 (the same as disabling it in admin/modules)
B. In variable.table, search on the string "url" in the name field. Change the "1" in clean_url_ok to 0 and change clean_url to s:1:"0";
C. flush the cache table (go to cache.table, choose "empty.")

9. Test site in its new location and then download the latest version of Drupal. Follow the detailed instructions in the upgrade.txt file of the downloaded package:

A. Backup mySQL database again
B. Disable non-core modules and set site to “offline”
C. Upload unpacked drupal folder
D. Change folder name
E. Update .htaccess files as noted here:
F. Create settings.php file in Sites/Default with database info. I also had to temporarily set $update_free_access = TRUE; since I was not the previous super user. Set back to FALSE after update.php is run.

10. Run update.php in the root folder.

11. To get site online again, go to: , login and go to admin panel to set online.