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Meeting Notes - Student Contributed Videos

VMG meeting - Thursday 4 September,
Joseph Kautz - Student Video in the Digital Language Lab
Summary: The student videos presented illustrate the Language Lab's role as
a physical and virtual cross-cultural encounter environment.

Student Video #1 - SOCA Mural Project
Members of SOCA (Student Organizing Committee for the Arts) drew the first
chalk mural on the Language Lab's new chalkboard wall and documented the
process for their website.

Student Video #2 - Nonnative Rapper Contest in YouTube

The Language Lab hosted its first youtube contest Spring 08. The contest
was called the Nonnative Rapper battle and featured original rhymes written
and performed in students' language of study. Some entrants created music
videos with original music and effects. A variety of rap genres were
represented in Japanese, german, Italian, and Portuguese. Stanford grad
and internet rap scholar MC Lars served as celebrity judge and winners were awarded engraved iPods
courtesy of Academic Computing and Stanford Language Center
- prizes and enough of them
- instructor participation - motivate with grades & extra credit
- structure in the contest - Get and document strengths and weaknesses of
YouTube as platform

We offered camera and production suppport for entrants but they generally
found their own equipment and did their own work.
1,100 hits overall

What didn't work
- Expensive posters / plotter jobs.
- Outreach to student groups

Major lesson from other VMG presenters:
Include an invitation and description of the contest in the youtube site itself.

Bruce: Film Society here on campus any help? No, didn't know.

Uploaded by Joseph and students.

Most of the music was original!!

Kingsley Willis
Anatomy of Movement @ Clark Center
Dept: Orthopedics - many hats: Project Manager, Web Designer and Master, Videographer, Editor, and Lecturer
5th year of this course. Pixar involved.
Podcast development integrated into the course.

Student Podcast: Taiji master from Beijing
Impulse theory plus use of hips, shoulders, etc. in sudden burst of energy

8 weeks after 2 week waiting period in classes.
Talk from Pixar - Dylan Brown does a critique

How: Behind the scenes - outlining video projects

Bruce: basic how-to on Photography/Video ?? They don't hear at
Students typically don't have video background
Focus of course is more communicating ideas in a visual medium.

Each quarter - 1 video per project, sometimes 4 projects per quarter.

Kingsley videotapes each class, always camera there, meeting in groups, Motion Analysis Lab, go to Lab, too, and gibve them footage. Manage the website and give a talk in movement in Art. Project Management, too.

If you missed the talk and would like to see Kingsley's slides they can be downloaded here: 08_0904_VMG_Student_Video.pdf 04-Sep-2008 16:12 515K

A video of this and all talks from this session is coming soon...

Forrest -
Kauffmann Foundation in Kansas City - Entrepreneurship week.
Goal of getting students involved by creating student competition.
First one - PostIt notes - generate as much value as possible in 5 days, in 3 minute video or PowerPoint.
Marketed to students on campus. Film company got interested and want to film the students' work and presentation - movie Imagine It!
Students in 7 countries in first video.
80 teams signed up, 50 actually delivered and wanted to participate, 30 gave presos for judges, 10 winners.
For second year, added YouTube and International students.
Sent inviting video, web form, one week from time announced to wrap up. Compressed time frame. Created listserve - object was rubber bands - create video, upload to YouTube, add to group account. No emails for folks unable to figure it out. Looked at other venues, but YouTube seemed to be the easiest. Issues around judging submittals and organizing on the site. 134 submissions, 102 within deadline (within 12 hours). Then decide how to judge. Wasn't perfect in terms of submission process. First year the PowerPoints were shot on video. Some of the winners were laptop cameras or video shot on still cameras. Main video: 5,600 views.
Running again in November at a global level - Kauffmann Foundation partnership in 20 countries - Hosts for each country/language/school/organization - how will that judging work? This time 2 days to judge. Only one day last time with a showcase in Arillaga the next day.
Judging for this November still to be worked out. Hierarchy of judging? More submittals this year expected.
Just students? Actually open to anyone. Targeted to students. Releases for students filmed. YouTube suggested video response feature, but that hasn't worked so far.
Tom Byers Faculty Director ran competition in UAE, created separate group there. Don't want to give students too long. Rapid prototyping. Enough time to learn from each other, and feedback loop.

45 minute HD movie premier -

Scott: YouTube Journalism contest
1st assignment: Video profile of someone compelling
YouTube becoming pedagogical tool.