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Meeting Notes - HD Video Workflow


Demo capture of HDV video using the Sony HVR-Z7U camera capturing direct to compact flash card.

Discussion of differences between HD and HDV formats. HDV uses MPEG-2 (produces .m2t files)

Camera -> Encoder (MP4 reference with timecode) -> Content Editor -> Final Cut Pro EDL -> RAID storage -> Encoder (FLV, WMV, MP4) -> Website

ClipWrap - allows native editing in FCP $50 - most units are FAT32, so 4GB limit. ClipWrap stitches those together.

1080 progressive frame footage shot (1920x1080). Drag 'n drop into FCP with audio - .mov file has HDV file in it.

Episode Pro - Use to create output formats.

Content Editor is in MPEG4 - easier than H.264, final output in MPEG4, as well, better for PowerPoint, etc. Also uploads transcripts and syncs them, then crowd-source translating into other languages.

40% users outside the US. Spanish first non-English language. Downloaded WMV and MPEG4 don't have language support.

Major flaw - changing clip lengths requires going back to the beginning.

Drobo and FireWire redundant systems for RAID. Drobo has initial problems, but after several firmware updates, it's better. Proprietary filesystem.

16x9 format now.

JWFLV player will handle both 4:3 and 16:9

Most folks moving to 16:9 now or in near future. Jack has been shooting HD since 2005.

Episode Pro ($900, EDU $600) - video settings>resize>downscale - handles moiree patterns on striped shirts, etc. "Low pass for large downscales"
flaw: pre-processing tied to output files, not the way Squeeze does it.

Issues with first frame blockiness, no keyframe.

Gordon exporting in HDV issues. Jack uses H.264, then compress to FLV. Putting effects in was a "deal breaker". Jack has to compress files to 10-12MB for website, artifact issues.

Jack uses 512 or 768.

HDV looks a LOT better, even on web clips.

Stanford Video owns full HD camera - records to BluRay - simultaneous low quality proxy file for quick off-line edits
Menu intensive setup.
Standard def viewfinder, making harder to focus, without zooming in. True hi-def viewfinder will handle that much better. Hi-def viewfinder $5-10K!
HD field monitor? No. Focus issues.
No auto-focus.
Jack: Very light touch on lens. Interviewees can go out of focus. Got to really pay attention and stay on it, no parking the camera.
1440x1080 chip.
Sony app for importing clips and exporting to FC -- about 1/2 speed, where 1 hr =±20 min

Mike at SCPD - looking at HD - 16x9 - most rooms have 5 cameras now. Distance learners are supporting this. Looking to economize.
Watching on mobile? Cross-roads situation. Dollars are dictating.

Brent - revisiting specifications - still doing 4:3 moving to 16:9

Uri & Kingsley - watermark in another track with QT Pro
John: preferred way - put the watermark in the upper quadrant, to avoid captioning.
Brent: watch out for YouTube watermarking, so it doesn't compete with yours.

Next year
looking at funding for lunch
might ask for some testimonials to help with that.

goals going forward:
maybe more with the website

meeting every other month, try to select dates and line up topics - suggestions welcome. Leery of outside speakers with PowerPoint pitches, not what this group is about.

mini-tours of our production facilities -

Chris - Bob Smith & I still interested in something with still photography stuff. Both of us have been really busy, and it's a big landscape (pun intended). Bob has hosted some excellent meetings with Apple doing Aperture (twice now), and Adobe came out and did a Lightroom presentation last year. Please get in touch with either (or both) of us, if you some ideas in this area.