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Installing KnowledgeTree DMS on Leland

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I've done two installations of the KnowledgeTree DMS (Document Management System) on Leland, one in /group space and one in /dept. KT is nice in that it's distributed as a fully functioning stack such that installation on your dedicated server would be quite straightforward, however this presents a problem on the Leland servers which have most of the heavy lifting components already in place (Apache, MySQL, PHP). Therefore, you would have to choose a 'source install only' rather than the stack install.

There are a few gotchas that you need to pay attention to even with the decent installation docs. Let me get the basics in while they're fresh in my mind:

-- Don't forget to comment out all the parts of .htaccess that try to adjust PHP settings (much like you might do on a Drupal installation... if you've been lucky enough to do one in the dark old days). These are bound to cause server errors and not let you get past the first few installation steps.
-- Check directory permissions for the /var and /setup directories. I haven't quite figured out the details, though I did make them all 755 (I suspect the php files need to be executable at the very least).

The full installation instructions can be found at: