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iFolder 3.7.2 on OpenSUSE 10.3

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iFolder is a great tool to use for small to medium departments to synchronize files on multiple machines. In our case, we have faculty members sharing documents on their work desktop, laptop, and home computer. This allows them to copy their files into one folder when then synchronizes it over to our server and then to the rest of their computers. All documents are sent of SSL and stored on Stanford own computers and servers.

Some advantages it offers over our previous version of 2.1.3 is 64-bit support, OS X and Linux support.

This is the installation of open source iFolder 3.7.2
As of 3.7.2, all previous ifolder server and client version are no longer supported.

The steps I took

1. Directions are from
2. Fresh install of SUSEOpen 10.3
1. Optional
1. Install vim-data for color when using the VIM editor
3. Ensure the package manager yast and zypper is working
1. If there is a segmentation fault upgrade the libcurl package.
2. The version I used was libcurl4-7.16.4-16.4
3. Then remove /var/cache/zypp/zypp.db and issue a zypper update
4. Disable the firewall
1. /etc/init.d/SuSEfirewall2_setup stop
5. Install apache2-worker. It has to be the worker version and not prefork. Issue rpm -qa to tell which one you have installed.
1. apache2-2.2.4-70
2. apache2-utils-2.2.4-70
3. apache2-worker-2.2.4-70
6. Configure apache to use SSL
7. Due to a conflict I removed the banshee package. It appears to be for music so it is not important
1. rpm -e banshee banshee-plugins-extra banshee-plugins-default banshee-engine-gst
8. Copy the following files to suse-ifolder
1. apache2-mod_mono-1.2.6-1.suse103.novell.i586.rpm
2. ifolder-enterprise-plugins-
3. ifolder3-enterprise-
4. mono-core-1.2.6-4.novell.i586.rpm
5. mono-data-1.2.6-4.novell.i586.rpm
6. mono-data-sqlite-1.2.6-4.novell.i586.rpm
7. mono-nunit-1.2.6-4.novell.i586.rpm
8. mono-web-1.2.6-4.novell.i586.rpm
9. mono-winforms-1.2.6-4.novell.i586.rpm
10. xsp-1.2.6-2.novell.noarch.rpm
9. Install them in this order
1. Run “rpm –Uvh mono-core*rpm –nodeps” to upgrade/install packages
2. Install xsp-1.2.6-2.novell.noarch.rpm
3. Install apache2-mod_mono-1.2.6-1.suse103.novell.i586.rpm
4. Install server rpms “ifolder3-enterprise-3.7.2.x*” and “ifolder-enterprise-plugin-3.7.2.x*”
10. Run the configuration script for Simias located at /usr/bin/simias-server-setup and answer all the questions
11. Run the configuration script located at /usr/bin/ifolder-admin-setup and answer questions
12. Run the configuration script located at /usr/bin/ifolder-web-setup and answer questions

There are more tricks and tips for Client Installation. If you need them just e-mail me.