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Favorite drupal modules

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Below are some of our favorite drupal modules. Please add yours!

  • I like Poor Man's Cron. this module runs cron operations without having to know how to create a crontab. Cron is necessary for all sorts of things that need to be done at regular intervals in order to make your drupal site function correctly - like indexing etc. -James Jacobs Note: The Scheduling Service is now live at (look under Web Services, Scheduling Service) and it's a much easier way to accomplish the goals outlined above. -Marco Wise
  • Biblio. Add citations, item records, books, articles, journals, web pages, etc. You can even import from RefWorks or EndNote. -John Bickar
  • Administration menu. I can't live without this one!! -james jacobs
  • Content Construction Kit (CCK) - Gives you the ability to model your own data types. There are oodles of modules that build off of CCK.
  • Views - Gives you the ability to display those data types any way you want.
  • Panels - Allows you to position your data anywhere you want on the page.
  • ImageCache - Allows you to make as many copies of an image you want at any size depending on location or anything else you specify.
  • Organic groups - Create as many groups as you want (e.g. users, staff, etc.), restrict content by group.
  • Captcha - Keeps the spam couties away.
  • Community Tags - Allows users to create and assign their own tags to content.
  • Tagadelic - Creates a Tag Cloud.
  • BUEditor - Simple HTML tag editor.