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WYSIWYG configuration II

May 5, 2011 - 5:00pm
Stanford Law School Library, Swig room 256 B second floor, left wing

Our initial morning of code meeting aimed to create a collaborative test platform (thank you John Bickar) and roll out a test Feature that would create a WYSIWYG environment suitable to campus use.

The current feature is posted here:

It is still alpha, so please do not try it out on anything other than a sandbox site! The feature assumes at this time 3 user roles: admin, edifor, contributor and employs TInyMCE

There is a (public) Google doc that documents the configurations we are working from/with here:

The first release focuses on text components for a basic contributor role only.

The work of our next meeting will be to adjust this initial configuration, then branch out to cover various image handling scenarios as features in their own right.

Further, we will in parallel move to create a more permissive WYSIWYG profile for site admins, and provide configurations for both contributors and admins that use the more accessible CKeditor.

In this way, one could select a combination of text+image features to meet the needs of their site.