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What You See Is (not always) What you Get (but it can be)

October 25, 2011 - 5:00pm
Stanford Law School, rm 230, second floor

Configuring WYSIWYG editors and image handling is a laborious process, riddled with caveats and best practices. The number of contributed modules extending the WYSIWYG experience is vast, and their configuration can be a quagmire.

Likely you're already part of the way with your configuration. We'll aim to provide concepts for

What we'll cover
  • We'll go over how to consider input format creation.
  • We'll look at how (and why) to configure better_formats and wysiwyg_filter.
  • We'll talk about inline image options and why you might choose one method over another (IMCE vs insert).
  • We'll cover some helper modules and configurations for image handling (filefield_paths, filefield_sources, pathauto , transliteration, insert, image_resize_filter, imce).
  • We'll touch briefly on building Features of your configurations, and also pushing configuration into profiles
  • We'll look at both D6 and D7, but mostly 7.



Notes from the meeting

Helper modules - - helps with output filters (elements, addl classes, etc) - uses image title as caption - creates addl imagecache - pretty interface for upload with icons - allows to add a icons for fields into rich text editor bar