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Using Organic Groups to create separate "sites" in one Drupal installation (Jessie Keck)

March 4, 2010 - 4:00pm
Law School room 85

Jessie Keck ( digital catalogs / collections ) will demonstrate how uses Organic Groups to create separate "sites" in one Drupal installation.

This session is confirmed for 1 pm in room 85 of the Law School. (Thanks for signing up!)  

  • Mulitsite does not provide complete single code base for modules (did not need multiple settings for modules in different sub-sites)
  • Some modules do not work well with OG (are not OG-aware)
    • taxonomy does not provide OG-specific issues / need OG vocabulary module
    • cck does not have OG settings
  • for sliding tabs
  • New group can choose a template
    • template defines what is on the front page
  • Documentation /
  • tag pages using group menu vocabulary (not clear, need demo)
  • The tabs at the top of the page, ( in the Home, Exhibitions, New Books, etc ) are provided by the OG Panels module packaged with the OG module.
  • Drupal search is inadequate, GCS configured for each subsite
  • Ribbon with hours/location is implemented as a content type with taxonomy for the ribbon type
  • Skill-set to define content on the group home page is same as skillset needed to edit - custom templates approach does not scale as number of sites grow and number of web developers/support stay the same
  • It is nice when themes are OG-aware (e.g. adds OG to standard drupal title)
  • User management - no group-specific roles
  • Private sites with limited access to a site, some info visible only to group members
  • Sharing content between several groups / audience (e.g. visitors' info page)