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Forms in Drupal

July 7, 2011 - 5:00pm
Stanford Law School, rm 283

Discussion - Implementation of secure forms using Webform module, Content Access, CCK, in organic groups or in separate installation.

Issues discussed

  • user authentication module (Shibboleth vs WebAuth, need for workgroups)
  • authorization signature for submitted forms (digital vs signature on paper)
  • access to forms for different roles (would be great if authentication module can handle roles assignment in Drupal)
  • CCK per each form vs Webform with individual formsIssues
    • CCK -
      • More control in forms formatting, field access, etc.
      • Large number of CCK in interface - difficult for admins to manage site without additional
      • More complexity in creating forms, training users to use Webform vs CCK creation¬† (can be addressed with better UI)
    • ¬†Webform
      • easier to train users to create forms
  • secure database to store secure fields
  • storing information from webforms in a separate database
  • solution for Organic Groups vs non-Organic Groups solution
  • Combo solution - some forms can be in CCK, some in Webform