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The first Annual Stanford Drupal Summit

November 18, 2010 - 4:00pm
Oak Room, Tressider Union
John Foliot

 Stanford Online Accessibility Program is pleased to announce today the official date of the first Annual Stanford Drupal Summit, a campus-wide initiative sponsored by the Student Affairs division, in association with IT Services, University Communications, SULAIR/The ATS Program, and the Stanford Law School.

This event is open to any member of the Stanford community using, contemplating using, or simply interested in the use of Drupal in the Stanford environment. Morning refreshments will be supplied compliments of the Registrar's office.

Please Register:


Drupal is here, it's mainstream on campus, and will only become more so over the next 24-36 months. Yet, despite active support from our friends at IT Services, and a strong grass-roots network on campus that supports both the drupallers mailing list and the TechCommons web-site, we often find ourselves in a situation where the lack of a stronger central vision of where we want to see Drupal headed on campus results in multiple groups looking to solve the same or similar problems individually - we keep reinventing the wheel.

As well, from the perspective of *my* office, it is important that third-party modules we select meet the University's goal of on-line accessibility; collectively evaluating specific modules across multiple instances, or reviewing multiple modules that do similar things in an effort to find "the best" choice benefits us all is a strong desire that I am sure we all share.

In short, the Summit is an effort to further solidify the collaborative efforts that have already resulted in Drupal’s rapid acceptance and up-take on campus.

WHAT TO EXPECT? 9:00 AM: Welcoming remarks
  • Overview from IT Services - Drupal @ Stanford
  • Zach Chandler / Vijoy Abraham from the ATS Program on the Jasper Group & working with outside vendors
  • Irina Zaks (Law School) and Matt Cheney (Chapter Three) on the courses module they are working on
  • Overview on MoC's, the drupallers list, collaboration in general
10:00 - 11:00: Breakout groups
  • Collect current inventory of used modules
  • Adoption issues (implementation, training, etc.)
  • Wish list of future initiatives (needs/wants/desires)
11:00 - 12:00: Now What?
  • Reconvene and share results of breakout groups with the assembled summit
  • Closing thoughts and next steps

As well, are there any longer-range plans/needs/wants that would benefit from greater collaboration or development cost-sharing? I am hoping that we arrive with enough data, and a long-range game-plan that feeds into the ITS vision for the future, so that when it comes time to look at funding requests (to make Drupal support core-funded for example) that there is a cohesive and collaborative vision emerging from the grass-roots, so that the powers-that-be have an easier time deciding to support these funding requests.

This is not about a one-size fits all, cookie cutter “Stanford Web Site” solution, but rather it is about working together to develop a robust, common Drupal toolkit that serves all of our diverse needs well.

I urge you to Register today and plan on joining us November 19th, so that collectively we can help shape the future of Drupal at Stanford.  I look forward to seeing you then.

John Foliot