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Drupal 8 for Stanford Community

January 10, 2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Green Earth Sciences, Room 365
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Drupal COP
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Let's discuss Drupal 8 development on campus.

Feel free to add your notes here.

Unconference style session today :)


Topics to discuss:

  • Hosting
  • SAML
  • Internal services (such as CAP)
  • Theming
  • When is Drupal 8 going to be up on Stanford Sites?
  • Migration/making the changeover
  • DrupalCamps and Cons
  • Love and thanks


  • Earth wanted to host off-site, ultimately went with Acquia after a big comparison
  • Options (and opinions):
    • Acquia: good for multiple sites
    • Pantheon: good for an individual site, Drupal, Wordpress
    • Platform sh: multiple options: Drupal, Wordpress, Vanilla php
  • Considerations:
    • Cost (over time)
  • SWS looking into moving their hosting and migrating to the cloud
  • Master services agreement with Acquia
  • University’s preferred hosting solution for Drupal 8 is Acquia

Authenication / SAML

​​​Internal services

  • Stanford Profiles

    • Goal at this point is a lightweight module: pull data from CAP API to Drupal (accounts, nodes, etc.)

    • A more fully featured CAPx module would be more work and would require feed imports, etc.

  • Stanford Events

    • Similar issues as Profiles

  • Courses

  • SWS working on a theme for Drupal 8

  • ​Drupal 8 on sites

    • First installation program in discovery and development

    • No release date yet, but tossing out 2018


  • Moving things between Drupal instances is the biggest problem with Drupal 8
  • If you’re upgrading, it’s fine (internal migrate modules)
  • Migrate plus module
  • Feeds module not working on Drupal 8
  • Fibonacci working with module maintainer and there is a patch that allows csv import with feeds… hopefully it will be pushed to soon!  If you want to join this effort, please do! (
  • Nothing beats a manual migration in terms of looking at and refreshing content

  • Drupal 7 is still great! You can still wait on Drupal 8 (maybe wait for the install profiles from SWS if you have a reasonably standard site).

    • Not a big difference, especially for the end user.

​​Drupal Camps and Cons

  • Stanford
  • Nashville
  • Florida
  • Chicago
  • Other
  • Love and thanks