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Drupal 7 release party - barcamp style

January 6, 2011 - 4:00pm
Turing Auditorium (Room 111 of Polya Hall)

Please join us for the party - bring your bodies, ideas, cookies and questions to this barcamp event.

Some ideas per

  • Demo Drupal 7 locally and see it's new features - IRINA ZAKS
  • Genius Bar  -
  • ZACH CHANDLER - I plan to spend the bulk of my time sitting down with anyone who needs help with some part of their Drupal installation: theming, code, configuration, whatever y'all need. I'll do my best to help solve issues on the spot, and maybe I can rope some of my colleagues to do the same...People who have Drupal 7(6, 5, 4.7)  questions can get them answered!The community will help provide Drupal 7 support over IRC in #drupal-support on freenode for your local geniuses.
  • Look at the Showcase of Drupal 7  sites
  • Blue yourself (ha-ha) 
  • Present a Drupal 7 slideshow
  • Promote Drupalcon Chicago Help show the world that Drupal is Everywhere by submitting your photos to our Flickr photo pool! We'll be featuring creative and interesting photos of DrupalCon Chicago stickers and logos during DrupalCon Chicago. Our goal is to get photos taken in every corner of the world, demonstrating the global reach of the Drupal community. Additional information can be found at, and you can see what's already been added at
  • Microblog Twitter and #dr7p and #d7rp_yourcity
  • Present the Drupal 7 launch video
  • Food and beverages Drupal themed party favors like Drupal cookies, cupcakes, and blue beverages.I WILL BRING  BLUE ENERGY DRINK AND  SOME HEALTHY SNACKS OF ALL COLORS :) (IRINA ZAKS)

Turing Auditorium is Room 111 of Polya Hall. See this map to Polya Hall.