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COP meeting

September 21, 2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Kevin Koy and Newsha Firoozye from the Stanford Data Science Initiative (SDSI) will lead our topical session this month. This is an exciting new initiative at Stanford for our community to know about. The website for SDSI is below if you want to check it out before the meeting: Updates:    I want to thank again Kevin Koy and Newsha Firoozye from the Stanford Data Science Initiative (SDSI) for presenting at our last COP meeting.  Unfortunately, the Zoom recording would not work for this but attached is the presentation that Kevin made about SDSI.  I'm excited that Kevin and Newsha also want to stay connected to our COP and possible synergies that may be mutually beneficial between SDSI and our community.   Upcoming events:   Our next COP meeting will be a little different.  We are scheduling a room during the networking time Social Data Research Rally for our next meeting.  As some of you may know, this rally was where we got the idea for our COP and I would encourage members to sign up for the next one this month (see below for the link to the rally site).   The rally is Wednesday, October 17 from 12:30 to 4pm in the Knight Management Center.  For our COP meeting we have GSB room C223 from 3-4pm .   Social Data Research Rally - Registration Required  Other upcoming events:   Gear Up for Research - a research fair at Stanford for faculty, graduate students, and staff from all schools and departments on campus hosted by Stanford Libraries.   IT Conference - Thursday, December 6th.  Registration is not open yet, but please visit the site periodically as you will need to register.   Amy Hodge provided upcoming workshops offered through Stanford Libraries.  Below is a link to two coming up soon (registration required):   Hands on Intro to Data Cleaning with OpenRefine - October 17: SQL Workshop - October 24: Carpentries Program*  - January 23 & 24: More on Carpentries (from Amy): The Carpentries is a non-profit organization that teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. All workshops are two days long and taught by volunteer certified instructors. The curriculum is developed by the community, so instructors do not have to do curriculum development (but can, if they’d like). The curriculum adheres to pedagogical techniques that are supported by the educational research literature; it’s very interactive and hands-on. Learners are not expected to have any experience when they start the course.   Stanford Libraries is in its second year of membership with this organization, but has been holding these workshops since 2014. The membership is administered locally by Dr. Amy Hodge, who is also a certified instructor, certified instructor trainer, and a member of the Executive Council that governs the activities of the Carpentries. As part of our membership, we receive a certain number of workshops per year at no charge, as well as a number of highly-coveted spots in Instructor Training. I am now actively seeking people who are interested in becoming instructors to participate in local, 2-day trainings. Knowledge (but not expertise) in at least one area taught by the Carpentries is required. The training is strictly pedagogical and operational (we don’t teach python, R, Git, etc at instructor training, or go through the curriculum itself).   The Libraries will be hosting at least three workshops over the next academic year (check Stanford Events for listings), open to anyone on campus. In addition, we work with other campus groups to host workshops for their constituents as part of our membership. Workshops are regularly oversubscribed (sometimes we have waitlists of 80 people for a 40-seat workshop), so there is very high demand on campus for this kind of training.   If you are interested in hosting a workshop, becoming an instructor, attending a workshop, or just finding out more, please contact Dr. Amy Hodge at