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COD Sprint

November 3, 2013 - 4:00pm
Graduate School of Buisness, room C209, map
Please join us for COD sprint next Monday in GSB room 209, list: Gameplan: * Reach out to Stanford to get test volunteers (test the user stories for completeness) * Spin up development environment for non-technical users to test * Creating documentation alongside tests * Creating issues for failed user story tests * Assigning individual working groups for each major component * Giving VCS access to MongoDB developers to contribute patches to COD, and training them on contribution guidelines (Issue #s reference git commits, no self-review of patches, etc)Sprint Goals: * Move at least 15/30 patches in the queue under needs review to either fixed or needs work[]=13&status[]=8&status[]=14&version[]=7.x&issue_tags_op=or&issue_tags= * Revise the COD project pages to better advertise the work being done in COD7 and make it easy for people to still find COD6 documentation * Provide documentation shell for each section (cod modules) * Have all of the user stories completeness levels filled out, and ones that aren’t complete need to have d.o issues attached to them. * MongoDB devs to make significant progress on issue [#2009512] * Solid 2 month development plan for MongoDB to work on * Clearly scope out the work on Registration remaining. (Jakob to volunteer work on this to fill in the gaps since MongoDB is using eventbrite) * Ultimately, by the end of this week we should have a clear goal on where every user story is and a general idea from a high-level products perspective. This will be the criterion for what is a 1.0 release, and what is needed for Jan 1st deadline to be a success.