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Drupal Core Upgrade Script

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I use a script like this to do Drupal core upgrades in no time flat.

You can also download the attached .txt file and re-name it ''.

Remember to change '6.22' to whatever the most recent version of Drupal is.

# Place this script in the directory above your drupal directory
# Give it execute permissions by running 'chmod +x'
# Then run it with the command './'
curl | tar zxv
mv -v drupal drupal-old
mv -v drupal-6.22 drupal
rm -frv drupal/.htaccess
rm -frv drupal/sites
cp -frv drupal-old/.htaccess drupal
cp -frv drupal-old/backup drupal
cp -frv drupal-old/files drupal
cp -frv drupal-old/sites drupal
cp -frv drupal-old/webauth drupal
cp -frv drupal-old/webauth_logs drupal

After it's done, just hit update.php in your browser and you're done!