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Canon HV30 720p24 HD Video Workflow

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Meeting March 12, 2009:

About Kenneth Chan

* Meyer Tech Desk and Multimedia Studio Manager
* Teaches CS2C: Multimedia Production (GarageBand, Photoshop, iMovie/FCP, iDVD)

* Wiki at http:/

About Meyer Library

* Drop-in computer lab with image, audio, video editing support
* Demographic: Students, staff, and faculty. Everyone from 1st time users to very experienced users.

* Free overnight checkout of camcorders (including Canon HV30), external hard drives, Macbooks, AV cables, etc, with SUID card.
** Supplies are limited: Currently 5 HV30s, 20 SD camcorders, 10 Macbooks.

* Influx of students from Stanford Film Society and Journalism

Canon HV30

* If you remember nothing else: HDV native capture, Compressor workflow:

* Many of these specs also apply to earlier HV20

* Func:Menu:Rec/In Setup: HD Standard:
** HDV (60i)
** HDV30 (30p)
** HDV24 (24p)

* Cine Mode optional (gamma adjust + ?)

* Remember that HDV records as 1440x1080.
** Scales to 1920x1080 square pixels later.

* Data rates:

Codec Rec Mode Mbps GB/hour Notes
HDV 720p30 19.2 8 Very few consumer HDV camcorders record to tape as 720p30.
HDV 1080i30 25 11 Most common recording format for HDV camcorders.
ProRes 1080p24 117 53 "Film Look" that this presentation will focus on.
ProRes 1080p30 147 66 Most typical conversion format prior to editing.
8-bit 4:2:2 1080p30 994 437 (!!) Thank goodness for ProRes!

* iMovie 08/09 import:
** Either "Full" 1920x1080i or "Large" 960x540p using Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC)
** Random Tidbit: iMovie 08/09 will only work directly with HFS volumes

* Final Cut Pro 6 import:
** Capture as HDV or ProRes directly (since v.6.0.2)
** I've had tons of problems using HDV Log and Capture, but normal Log and Capture works for me.

* Now we want to do all of the deinterlacing and frame rate "conversion" before editing.

* HV30 uses 2:3 Pulldown for 24P
** Recorded on tape as 60i for maximum compatibility.
** Basically need to find a workflow to throw away 2 interlaced frames, keep 3 progressive frames, throw away next 2 interlaced frames, keep next 3 progressive frames, ...

* If you forget everything else, remember this HDV native capture, Compressor workflow:

Discussion Notes

Q: Any direct to DVD cameras at Meyer?
A: No, we're pretty entrenched in miniDV.

Q: Do you use miniDV decks in workflow?
A: No. Consumer camcorders are cheaper than decks. For our users, even when we had the option to use decks, they generally used the camcorder anyway.

Q: Does Meyer carry digital still cameras?
A: No. We try to provide equipment the typical user is not likely to already have access to.

Q: How do you conform HD footage to SD?
A: Letterbox or else crop to 4:3 aspect ratio.

Q: Is USB 2.0 or FireWire 400 better for video editing?
A: USB 2.0 transfers 480 Mbps and FireWire 400 transfers at 400 Mbps theoretically, but most people agree that FW is just faster. FW 800 is even better...

Q: How many people are teaching video production / post-production classes on campus?
A: Good question! We should get together and pool resources, compare notes.

Q: Ideas for future VMG events?
A: capture cards (hdmi) and demo the new Mac Pro